Tour Activity Parasailing

Parasailing in Andaman gives you the chance to explore the ethereal beauty of the Islands from atop. Skimming with the wind, your bare legs enjoying little dips in the sea with each wind push is an experience that is second to none.

With one single pull from the boat, you will be taken to the air in no time. Parasailing is undoubtedly one of the best water sports in Andaman. Flying above everyone and relishing the blue and green shades of the archipelago is a lifetime experience that you just can't miss!

About Parasailing in Andaman

While parasailing in Andaman, you will fly above 200-300 feet for about 3 minutes; it can even extend to 500 feet for about 12 minutes. Even though you can parasail in Andaman throughout the year, the activity depends greatly on weather conditions.

Before the activity, our experts at Seashore Delight will offer you a 10-minute oral training about certain practices you should follow so that you have a clear idea about the safety instructions. We recommend you wear light and comfy clothes during the ride.

Unlike scuba diving, parasailing in Andaman is a combination of both air and water-based activities, during which you can feel your body being weightless. Compared to all other activities, parasailing stands out as it involves a certain amount of thrill and awe. Highly recommended for the adventure buffs, it is an adrenaline rush experience for sure. Within a few seconds of this activity, you start to fly like a kite.

Parasailing in Havelock Island

Havelock Island is one of the most recommended places to enjoy parasailing in Andaman. The activity is an absolute treat to the eyes, as it lets you see pelicans, schools of fish and various other birds in abundance. For a thrilling experience, we recommend you take a dip in the sea while you parasail. The other places which are suitable for parasailing are North Bay Beach and Corbyn’s Cove Island.

However, we recommend you experience this fun activity in Havelock Island to have the best of your time in the archipelago. After delivering safe, exciting parasailing experiences for years in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, we can assure you that this activity will turn out to be your favourite.

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