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Sea Walking in Port Blair Andaman Are you looking for sun-kissed seashores, sparkling blue waters, thick timberlands, multicultural towns and vibrant corals? The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the place for you. To add the cherry on top, you can take part in a plethora of water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, sea walking and so on. These underwater activities have gained tremendous popularity in recent years.

Sea Walking in Andaman is a one-of-a-kind experience that tourists indulge in here at the islands. It's an activity that combines the best aspects of scuba diving without the need to dive deep and swim. 

About Sea walking

Sea walking in Andaman is a relatively new tourist attraction that is growing in demand and popularity. A typically large glass dome is placed over a person's head, and oxygen is delivered through a tube into the dome. The individual is lowered to the seabed, which is not usually very deep. As a result, the individual can easily walk around on the seabed, admiring the marvellous marine creatures and enjoying the sea walk like there's no tomorrow. 

Best place to experience Sea Walking in Andaman

Andaman offers a wide array of adventurous water sports, but sea walking is something that can be performed only under ideal conditions. As a result, there are only two places in Andaman where you can go for a sea walk: North Bay Island and Havelock Island. The best part about Sea Walking in Andaman is that non-swimmers and beginners can equally participate in this water sport. 

Why should you choose Seashore Delight?

For all non-divers out there, sea walking in Andaman is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Enjoy an incredible underwater walk on the ocean floor and witness the colourful marine life with vibrant corals, a diverse range of fish, and much more with Seashore Delight. Throughout the sea walk, our certified guides will accompany you to ensure your safety.

In the event of an emergency, our underwater guide will provide scuba equipment and secondary air sources. Apart from the underwater guide, a surface swimming monitor will keep an eye on the helmet divers and ensure your overall security. The air compressor on the overhead platform will ensure you an adequate supply of air.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us right now and select from our wide array of exciting travel packages.

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