Sightseeing Place Elephant Beach

Havelock Island is the destination travellers opt for to be surrounded by the mind-numbing beauty and majesty of the ocean. Away from the hubbub of urban livelihood, this archipelago is lined with tranquil white beaches, fascinating coral reefs, and lush green woods.

Havelock is a hidden paradise reflecting the natural beauty of a tropical resort. If you are in and around Havelock, Elephant Beach is ideal to indulge in water sports and relaxing beach walks.

With an exotic panorama and the endless blue sea, Seashore Delight is confident that the serene ambience will work its spell on you.

Why Elephant Beach deserves a special mention?


> Elephant Beach, with its peacefulness, turquoise waves, and water sports, is one of the best places to visit on Havelock Island.

> Elephant beach is sure to fulfill all of your aspirations of exploring the underwater treasure of nature with your own eyes. You can catch a glimpse of exquisite corals, sea turtles, aquatic plants, colourful fish, and other brilliant marine species.

> The water on Elephant Beach is calm and does not slope too low, allowing even non-swimmers to have intriguing onshore experiences without difficulty.

> Elephant Beach in Havelock Island offers a wide array of water sports to maximize your travel spirit. The water sports package includes Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Sea Walking, Jet Skiing, Parasailing, and much more. If you are not willing to get drenched in water, Glass Bottom Ride is the option for you.

Are you still looking for reasons to explore Elephant beach's natural splendour? Get in touch with Seashore Delight and explore enthralling Havelock Island at its extremity. You can grab amazing discounts at our Havelock Island tour package.

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