Sightseeing Place Kala Pathar Beach

Havelock Island is a tiny piece of land surrounded by the Andaman Sea's crystal azure waters, resulting in kilometres of unbroken shoreline. It is famed for its beaches, yet it would be a sin not to travel inland for unspoiled greenery around. When we talk about Havelock, Kala Pathar Beach surely makes the conversation a fascinating one. The beach is acclaimed for its tranquil sapphire water and the sunkissed shoreline. Seashore Delight is here to enhance your holiday zest by accompanying you to destinations that remained unexplored to date.

Why Kala Pathar Beach is considered to be the most aesthetic beach in the archipelago?


> The assortment of the endless stretch of white sand and calm blue waves entices travellers to make a visit.

Kala Pathar Beach is quiet and tranquil where you can rejoice your leisure hours at a slow pace.

> The aesthetic panoramic view of the beach makes it one of the best places to visit on Havelock Island. Kala Pathar Beach in Havelock Island is an exemplary spot to witness enchanting sunsets and sunrises.

> The beach at Kalapathar is not overcrowded, making it an ideal getaway for couples visiting Andaman.

> If you prefer basking in the golden sun, make sure to stop by Kala Pathar Beach for sunbathing experience.

> The hypnotic, wonder-struck beauty and grandeur of the Kala Pathar beach remained unadulterated. If you're in quest of tranquillity and solitude, consider checking this beach out.

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