Sightseeing Place Laxmanpur Beach

Neil Island is famed for its unparalleled ecological diversity, large expanses of dense tropical rainforests, and vibrant reefs. It's a match made in paradise for travellers looking for peaceful gateways away from the rush of metropolitan life. The archipelago with its array of beaches offers unfathomable tranquility to visitors. Most interestingly, the beaches have been named after the notable characters from the Hindu Epic Ramayana. With its panoramic joy, the beauty of Laxmanpur Beach hypnotizes you and transports you to a world unknown.

Why Laxmanpur Beach is an instant hit among travellers?


> The range of exotic corals that lies on the shoreline makes it one of the best places to visit on Neil Island.

> Laxmanpur Beach is well-known for its vast selection of water sports, ranging from swimming to scuba diving.

> The view of the sun descending along the broad and distant horizon is an enchanting sight for every traveller.

> Laxmanpur Beach in Neil Island is locally regarded as the Sunset Point. Travellers prefer to indulge in the glimpse of the golden sun setting along with the backdrop of the distant horizon.

> The lack of commotion and chaos makes this a much-loved spot for vacationers in quest of solitude in their lives.

> In terms of emotional exuberance, ravishing vistas, and a peaceful stroll contributes to the essence of the beach.

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