Sightseeing Place Mangrove Creeks & Lime Stone Cave

Baratang Island is underrated and different from the rest of the Andaman. The archipelago is surrounded by lush viridescent meadows and dense mangrove plantations. This little slice of heaven is an ideal escape to unwind while also allowing your adventurous persona to run wild. The stunning creations seen in the limestone caves of the island have earned enormous appeal. Baratang Island is a genuine delight for the soul with its mangrove creeks and limestone cave.

Why do mangrove creeks and limestone caves have a tempting aura to them?


> As one of the best places to visit on Baratang Island, this location will provide you with an incredible experience.

> The mangrove creeks and limestone cave in Baratang Island is a natural treasure. The cave can be described as a type of sedimentary rock that forms at the ocean's bottom.

> The distinctive formation has been developed over years by the natural squish of marine creatures, shells, corals, and skeletons.

> Stalactites and stalagmites adorn the limestone cave, revealing the secrets of the archipelago.

> Mangrove Creek is densely forested making it a haven for a wide array of migrating birds.

> You can indulge in fishing and a tranquil boat ride through the thick canopy to replenish your soul.

Mangrove creeks and Limestone cave is a majestic feast for the eyes. Pull your socks up and connect with Seashore Delight to add flavour to your travel plans.

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