Sightseeing Place Natural Bridge

Neil Island is the ideal escape for travellers looking for a revitalising respite. It is the home ground of undiscovered coral reefs, incredible biodiversity, and uninhabited sandy beaches. Neil Island boasts of the high crop of vegetation earning it the nickname "Vegetable Bowl of the Andaman." This small and stunningly beautiful archipelago possesses some of the unconventional tourist destinations to its credit. Natural Bridge in Neil is a beguiling wonder of nature that merits your complete attention.

Why Natural Bridge is a magnificent sight to behold?


> Natural rock genesis is the term used to describe it. The living corals have developed this magnificent edifice over thousands of years.

> Locals or Bengali populace refer to this work of art as the Howrah Bridge. Natural Bridge is categorized as one of the best places to visit on Neil Island.

> High tides engulf the corridor leading to the bridge. Natural Bridge in Neil Island is only accessible during low tides.

> The sea recedes during low tide, revealing the coral reefs in all their glory. The marine life of the deep is directly beneath your feet.

> The azure water in the background, in addition to the coral bridge, is equally mesmerising. This location's stunning landscape draws a large number of photographers.

> It is exemplary for thrill-seekers, as it is surrounded by sea urchins and sea cucumbers, swinging along the waves.

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