Sightseeing Place Parrot Island

From spectacular Limestone Caves to lush mangrove creeks, Baratang is acknowledged for its natural splendor. Baratang is an ideal escape for nature lovers since it offers an intriguing landscape and a rich range of fauna. The Jarawa tribes, who make up the majority of the island's population, call Baratang home. The Limestone Caves and Mud Volcano are two of Baratang's most popular attractions. If you are interested in bird watching, Parrot Island is another splendid attraction worth visiting.

Why is Parrot Island worthy of the footfall of tourists?


> Parrot Island in Baratang Island is a flat piece of land extensively covered with mangroves. This small island is considered one of the best places to visit in Baratang Island.

> Your day in Parrot Island might encompass bird watching, photography, brief boat trips, and witnessing the sunset.

> Locals claims that after the sunset, a group of five parrots assemble to examine the condition of surrounding areas. After a thorough investigation, different species of birds can be seen gathering at the island for the night.

> Parrot Island is nestled ground to a diverse range of parrot and parakeet species.

> Boat riding gives you the opportunity to stare out over the huge expanse of turquoise water.

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