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Pack your luggage for a trip to Andaman to enrich your days off amidst azure blue waters, pleasant weather, scrumptious seafood, and an exotic panoramic view that would blow your mind. There is no better destination to opt for if you are seeking solitude or yearning for a digital detox than Andaman. The unfathomable calmness of this archipelago remains unmatched. 

Are you in quest of a location that has an aesthetic appeal with a bit of colonial past? We heard you and Ross Island surprisingly ticks all the checkboxes. Seashore Delight is present right here to assist you with utmost ease to make you fascinated with one of the best places to visit in Port Blair. 

What makes Ross Island one of the best places to visit in Port Blair


Ross Island lies under the South Andaman district of Port Blair. Daniel Ross, a marine surveyor of British origin, was the inspiration for the name. In the year 2018, the beloved Ross Island was renamed Netaji Shubash Chandra Bose Dweep. 

Ross Island, once the headquarters of British authority, now possesses enthralling ruins and takes you on a delightful voyage into the past.

> In addition to the ruins, there is a tiny but well-kept museum. You can spot a plethora of peacocks, deers, and other distinct birds. 

> You can take pleasure in a light and sound show. In the words of Gulzar, the show elucidates the rich history of the bygone days. 

Ross Island in Andaman brings a piece of regional history to the table, making your visit to the archipelago an enlightening one. 

> The alluring man-caves, gigantic coconut trees, the antiquated church, the vestiges of British architecture, and the bleak history linked with Ross Island sets an unparalleled tone. 

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Is visiting the mind-blogging places of the Andaman and Nicobar Island on your wishlist this year? The island is not only blessed with some of the stunning beaches in the country but also possesses locations where you can indulge in and relish adventurous water sports. Seashore Delight is present right before you to unveil the zest of travelling in you. 

What makes North Bay Island a mandate in your trip to Andamans? 

Listed as one of the best places to visit in Port Blair, the secluded island comes under the northern part of Port Blair. This epitome of literal paradise is an ideal gateway for solitude seekers. 

> The North Bay Island in Andaman is a stunning sight to behold, with sky-high coconut palms bordered by the tranquil shoreline and the territory encircled by unsoiled cyan water. 

> The island's diverse range of water sports draws more visitors to this stunning location. To 

enhance your travel spirit, you can revel in scuba diving, snorkelling, jet-skiing, and underwater sea walks. If you are willing to play safe, you may opt for a glass-bottom boat excursion to have a glimpse of the exotic marine life.

North Bay Island’s corals are spread out across a broad area. On the coral reef, a wide array of fish can be observed when scuba diving. 

> A lighthouse stands on the shore, with a ravishing sight of the Port Blair skyline and the aesthetic Ross Island. An image of the lighthouse is imprinted on the backside of the 20 rupee note of India. 

> You can satiate your hunger pangs by grabbing some flavoursome meal from one of the Chinese food joints around the beach. 

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