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Andaman is an archipelago of unsurpassed beauty, with rich green waters, sun-kissed beaches, lush greenery, tribal cultures, and ecological diversity. It's a pure treat to relax on the beaches of Andaman while watching the spectacular sunsets across the sea. 

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Why is there no place like Science Centre in Andaman? 


> Located at the Goodwill Estate in Port Blair, Science Centre is mind blogging and one of the best places to visit in Port Blair

> Established by National Council for Science Museums, Science Centre is beside the seashore in a large green compound, the beauty of the place surrounding the Science Centre is itself a major tourist attraction.

> The Garden of the Science Centre in Andaman has various swings and slides along with various models on display explaining some very interesting natural phenomena like the travelling path of light.

> Inside the museum, there are various models and slides are on display which also exhibits various natural phenomenon like the formation of waves.

> Apart from that the models of the rockets, space crafts, and satellites of various Indian space missions are on display. You also get to see the models of various air crafts, ships, tanks, etc. used by our armed forces. 

> There is an entire section dedicated to various interesting games based on scientific theories where tourists can enjoy playing and learning simultaneously.

> The biggest attraction of the place is the 3D theatre, the newly built planetarium, and the shows which are displayed through which science and space are made fun to know. 

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