Sightseeing Place Fisheries Musium

Andaman is home to a plethora of well-preserved aquatic life and coral reefs. It's a gateway to a land brimming with unfathomable riches, adventure, and spectacular beauty. From luxurious resorts to well-kept museums, this archipelago has everything in store for you. The museums in Andaman provides a rich and instructive depiction of the island's distinct aspects. Fisheries Museum is a gold mine of knowledge about Andaman's unusual aquatic life.

Why Fisheries Museum is a crowd-puller?


> This one-of-a-kind museum is unquestionably one of the best places to visit in Port Blair. A total of 350 kinds of marine life can be found at the Fisheries Museum.

> Fisheries Museum in Andaman showcases the remnants of a Great Sperm Whale and turtles.

> Fisheries Museum offers a view into the colonial past and science in all its forms.

> Crabs, sharks, dolphins, starfish, and massive table corals are among the live species on display at the Fisheries Museum.

> The museum features a variety of exhibits that provide information on the archipelago's ecosystem, indigenous groups, and marine life.

If you are in quest of a place with zoological installations, Fisheries Museum is the abode for you. Get in touch with Seashore Delight and get splendid discounts on our Port Blair tour package.

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