Sightseeing Place Viper Island

Andaman is designed to be a location where mankind can marvel at nature's incredible artistic ability. The Island's beauty and peacefulness are apparent, bringing thousands of visitors from around the world each year. Viper Island is a secluded destination in the archipelago. The island is a wonderful site to spend gala time on because of its accessibility to many Andaman beaches. Seashore Delight is right in front of you to make your trip to our slice of heaven a stress-free experience.

Why Viper Island captivates travellers all year round?


> Viper Island, with an area of 69 acres, qualify as one of the best places to visit in Port Blair.

> According to inhabitants, the population of viper snakes is the reason behind the island's name.

> Before Cellular Jail, Viper Island in Andaman was used by the British to keep the Indian freedom fighters in exile. The remnants of the jail still stand strong telling its gloomy story to the visitors.

> Viper Island has some splendid museums to its credit like the Samudrika Museum. In the museums, you can access information regarding the history, culture, geography, flora, fauna, and marine ecosystem of the archipelago.

> You can relish your meals by feasting over the finger-licking cuisines at the New India Café or Lighthouse Residency.

> Asia’s largest sawmill, the Chatham Saw Mill is also a major tourist attraction of the island.

> A light and sound show is also conducted on the island showcasing the historical events from the pre-independence era. It also displays the settlement of the first administrative setup along with crucial events that occurred here.

Due to the spectacular blend of history and beauty, Viper Island is frequently visited by Indian and international tourists. Pull your socks up and connect with Seashore Delight to unveil the beauty of the Andaman. Get your hands on amazing discounts on our Port Blair tour package.

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