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How To Set The Best Andaman Tour Package Cost from Kolkata For Visit

Want to know what can determine the Andaman tour package cost from Kolkata? Stick with us.

Andaman, being one of the top tourist destinations in India has several visitors from Kolkata every year. While most of them prefer to make a trip to the Andaman during the peak seasons, there are those too that come here in other months.

And contrary to popular belief, it is not only the adventure lovers that find the place interesting. Since it is an extremely relaxing location, many seek to spend their holidays here away from the hubbub of metropolitan life.

Quite naturally, it is also the choice of newlyweds, and hence tour operators here offer exciting Andaman honeymoon packages for couples in India.

With so many packages to choose from, you must know what influences your budget most when it comes to Andaman.

That way, if you have the option, you can customize your package in a way that suits your budget, and allows you to take part in all of the activities you’re interested in.

What Can Determine Your Andaman Tour Cost From Kolkata?

The location from which you’re travelling plays a significant role in the price of your tour package to Andaman. Now as you are travelling from Kolkata, we can skip that and move on to the other things that matter here.

Flight or Cruise

Tourists from Kolkata can book a flight or a cruise for their trip to Andaman as the city offers both options. But this choice can make a major difference in the Andaman tour package cost from Kolkata.

See flights from Kolkata to Andaman are costlier than cruises, but the time it takes for one to reach is also significantly lower. While a flight takes you to Andaman well under 3 hours, the same takes about 3-4 days on a cruise.

On a cruise, however, you can enjoy the sea, and if you’ve got the time to spare, a journey on a cruise ship to Andaman is a great experience.

Others, however, would be better off with flights, especially if you’ve got seasickness.

Number of Days

Be it the usual ones, or honeymoon packages for couples in India, the number of days you intend to spend in Andaman is something that you must consider when planning your budget.

While there are other factors at play, among two packages with a similar itinerary, the one that allows you to spend more days in Andaman is also going to cost higher.

Most tour packages include a given set of activities, although, tour operators allow customizations as well. So before finalizing, consult your tour operator if you want changes in a given package.

Places To Cover

The average Andaman tour package cost from Kolkata also depends on the places you want to cover in Andaman. For example, there is Neil Island, Havelock Island, and so on and when you add these to your tour, the cost would increase.

Each of the Islands in Andaman is unique and has its specialities, but this doesn’t mean that one has to visit all of them. You can make your trip shorter (and most likely budget-friendly too) by choosing a specific set of locations for it.


As we said, Andaman is a place where adventure lovers get their kicks from. There are various activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, banana boat ride, parasailing, and so on that tourists indulge in.

And your Andaman tour package cost from Kolkata would be determined by the count of these activities you wish to participate in.

Kind of Package

Tourists to Andaman are provided with different choices of packages, that they can choose based on their preferences and the people they are visiting with. For example, there are family packages, group packages, and honeymoon packages for couples in India, etc.

Each of these packages suits a given set of requirements, and so includes different activities, visiting spots, etc and are also priced accordingly.

Hotel and Accommodation

One of the benefits of contacting a tour operator for your visit to Andaman is that they take care of all the things such as transportation, hotels and even food. Now no matter if you do or do not travel with the assistance of such a tour operator, the hotel you book would determine your overall Andaman tour package cost from Kolkata.

Other Misc Expenses

Now even if you hire a tour operator, there would be some miscellaneous expenses involved. For example, those on any of the honeymoon packages for couples in India may want to arrange something special for their better half, like a candlelight dinner.

And for others, there are things like drinking, shopping and so on which are involved in any tour, not just in Andaman.

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