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Self Drive Car Rental in Port Blair – Should You Consider?

Car rentals are an important part of the Andaman tour package that conveniently takes tourists from one pleasant sightseeing spot to another, as well as to and from their resort.

And while most of the activities in Andaman are to take place under the guidance of experienced personnel, tourists often get confused about car rentals.  Since the choice of with or without a driver might affect the prices of the best India tour packages, it can be an important decision to make.

So to make your Andaman experience even more convenient, we find it imperative to address the matter.

What Kind of Cars Can You Get in Andaman?

Various car rental services are available in Andaman that cater to the travelling needs of the tourist when they visit here. And as such, one gets tons of vehicle options as well that can be chosen depending on the number of passengers, budget and other preferences.

Now there aren’t as many operators that provide self drive car rental in Port Blair. Although with a little research, you’d find the one that is the most reliable.


Hatchbacks are some of the most budget-friendly car rental options in Andaman that can accommodate 3-4 passengers. If you’re looking for the best India tour packages to Andaman on a budget, then these are suitable.

However, these aren’t the most comfortable compared to the other options here. Some examples would be Kwid, Alto and so on.

The drivers employed by the car rental and tour companies are all skilled and know the roads like the palm of their hands. But if you’re considering self-driving, then safety can be a factor.


The next option is a sedan which too seats the same number of people as a hatchback (3-4), but is far more comfortable. These do cost higher usually but also come with better features and safety.

A typical day’s tour in Andaman under the best India tour packages can range anywhere between 5-8 hours, so comfort is a must.

And this is where sedans make sense as by paying higher, you also get a premium experience.

The best sedan options available in Andaman are Verna and City.


The best India tour packages have SUVs for clients since these are considered better in terms of performance and safety. And no matter if you require a rental car in Andaman with or without a driver, these can be the best options for you. Alongside better features and safety, SUVs also have higher seating capacities than other vehicles. This comes in use especially when you’re travelling in a group of 6-8, and are willing to travel together for the best experience.

Contact your tour operator to know whether they offer SUVs like Scorpio, XUV 700 and so on for self drive car rental in Port Blair.


For those seeking a thrill, Andaman offers tons of activities, and among them is a journey in an offroad vehicle like Thar. These are durable and tough which make your trip to Andaman further exciting.


Tempos are the vehicles you need when you are visiting Andaman with a large group of family and friends. These are comfortable with a high seating capacity (8+) that can make your vacation in Andaman even more fun.

But tempos usually aren’t available in self drive car rental in Port Blair, so you’d have to hire one with a driver.

Car Rental in Andaman With Vs Without Driver



Rental cars in Andaman usually follow a given route depending on the package you choose.

And while the best India tour packages offer the options to customize the route, there is no denying there is more freedom when a person drives the vehicle himself/herself.


While the tour operators in Andaman only recruit professional drivers, there is still the fact that self drive car rental in Port Blair offers better privacy.

This can be a matter to think about especially for couples and those people that want to drive around in Andaman without the presence of a stranger in the vehicle.


The tours in Andaman here usually last 5-8 hours a day, and the packages usually aren’t dependent on the timing, but rather the distance covered.

When you choose a self-driving cab, you can increase or decrease the amount of time you spend outside.

So this can yet be a factor that influences your decision of renting a self driving vehicle over one with a driver in Andaman.


A major advantage that a regular car rental has over a self drive car rental in Port Blair is that it is going to cover all the spots and even some special ones that you may not even know about.

Also, since drivers are local, you get information from them about a given spot, so that you may enhance your experience even further.

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